Do you have a project you’d like to develop in real estate, property management, farming or agribusiness, or a small business you’d like to create in your home country? Our platform and experts optimize your plan and guide you from choosing the perfect service providers to efficient process monitoring within your allocated budget.

Plans and pricing

Take advantage of our secure and certified platform with excellent and trusted service providers vetted to meet international standards. Our system is configured to deliver unchallenged confidence and optimum realization of your project.

Content Generation Classic
$80 / Month
$140 / Month
Most Popular
$220 / Month
Details Suitable for short projects with moderate budget Suitable for projects with moderate budget Suitable for co-creation, total supervision, sensitive, complex project with large budget
Secure dashboard
Available frequent update
24/7 Customer Support
Configured direct payment to service providers
Unlimited access (Website & Apps)
Dedicated account manager
Assistance for admin, institutional and banking relations
Consulting services for planning and development
Supervision of the implementation phase
10% discount card for purchases within our network of stores and companies
Optional sign up as confidential account
Coaching of owner & beneficiaries
Training of Beneficiaries
Period 6-12 Months 12-36 Months 12-60 Months
Budget Max US$ 20000 US$ 20-50,000 US$ 50,000 +

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