Dhaxle ensures that investors can confidently plan, finance, and manage their projects in developing countries.
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Dhaxle Value Proposition

We help individual investors in developed countries safely fund and manage projects in developing countries. We optimize and implement the projects with our localized service providers. Overall, we ensure that the goals are met, and the wealth is built.

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Value-Added Services

We match qualified investors with vetted service providers in developing countries, provide a project management platform for full visibility into the finances, progress milestones, and de-risk projects by insuring all parties involved.
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With your Dhaxle subscription, you can:

  • Access our directory of vetted local providers in developing countries
  • Protect your investment via surety bonded engagements
  • Create and execute smart contracts with service providers
  • Work with our modern Project Management Tools
  • Get your project done!
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How It works

With Dhaxle, funding and managing projects in developing countries is simpler, safer and more rewarding.

Create an account

Fill out our intake form to get registered and validated. You need a valid email address, legal street address, cellphone number, and project description.


Register Your Project

Join our community of project owners investing in their personal projects in developing countries. Provide a detailed project description and pre-select from our list of screened service providers who can help you make your project real.


Get your project approved

Your project description and investor profile will be directed to an experienced project supervisor for technical verifications. If needed, you will be asked to provide additional information about your project, its expected costs, and overall feasibility. When approved, you will be matched with a vetted service provider.


Fund and Manage Your Project

Payment is made by stages (30%, 15% x 4, and 10%). Your projects are covered by a surety bond. Use the Dhaxle process management platform to work with your service provider to confirm your expected deliverables, Budgets, Bill of materials, and Timelines. Once your overall project plan is developed, use the Dhaxle smart contract tool to sign agreement, and you are good to go for project management and supervision.


Get insights and rate provider

Receive updates and progress reports from the management and the service provider in your dashboard. Whether you are available to periodically look at your project or not, you can relax. Our localized experts have your back. When completed, rate your provider for each project cycle.

The Dhaxle Way

If you have an existing project, we work with you to ensure that it is done to the perfection. Behind our user-friendly application we have a web of complex algorithms and personnel to ensure that you get the most out of your investment in your implementation country. You are at the center of our services. Our algorithms will consolidate the necessary calculations, effort and duration that would make the most sense to minimize the cost of your investment.

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Meet Our Service Providers

Our service providers are submitted to a strenuous vetting process. They are also committed to a systematic review from our supervisors and the customers for each project in charge. Our goal is to make sure that this platform is a good fit for them to grow their business while delivering excellent projects to our customers.
We currently accept registration of service providers from Nigeria, Mexico, Ghana, Philippines, and Cote d’Ivoire.
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